The Aulus' Dream Series
The Aulus' Dream Series

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Aulus' Dream's Letter to His Mother,

Soph​i-An's Capture

3rd Book in the series

I believe, in order to succeed in life,

your dream for success must be well-rooted
in your ability to change adversity
into opportunity and seize the future.

Aulus' Dream's Letter to His Mother:   As a single father, Aulus raised Sophi-An with unconditional love. He encouraged Sophi-An to follow a nontraditional path in life after she received a master’s degree in nursing. Aulus was shocked when his daughter told him that she was going to travel abroad to provide medical care to people in a country that was torn apart by civil war.


Even though he didn't approve of her decision, Aulus let Sophi-An go. Upon arrival, Sophi-An cared for the victims of the conflict between the army and the rebels. Sophi-An was kidnapped and tortured by the rebels. Throughout her ordeal, Sophi-An relied on her faith in God, the help of others, and her wits and smarts to survive. As she recounted her story, she realized that there are great people everywhere, even in hell.

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