The Aulus' Dream Series
The Aulus' Dream Series

Excerpts from the Published Works of Jacques Guillaume

Aulus' Dream

You have to sail away from the land to see how small it is. At the same time, you have to lose sight and be nowhere in the ocean to learn to appreciate dry land.


In order to succeed in life, your dream for success must be well-rooted in your ability to change adversity into opportunity and seize the future.
Where you are from and how you were raised is not who you are. Be who you want to be! Create your own freeway!


You always need to treat people with respect because you never know who is fixing your sandwich at the restaurant; you never know who will draw your blood if you were to be sick; you never know who will help you with your flat tire, and the list goes on. You should always be nice to people on your way up because you never know who you will face on your way down. Someone who works for you today may become your boss tomorrow. It is all about being humble.


Life will not come to you. You must go after life. We make life what it is.


You need to build yourself up because a new ground is like a forest, which may not always have nice animals. You can find lions, tigers, and many more wild beasts that are no different than human beings. They are there to slam the door in your face or fail you. You need to elbow your way in. Never take ‘No’ for an answer.

Aulus' Dream of Parenthood

Well, don’t ever trust a man wholeheartedly. Again, you need to constantly separate logic from emotion. Don’t ever let your emotion drive your decision.


Don't ever let a man be the key to your joy, happiness, or, um, your life! Nobody should own the key to your happiness because happiness is a way of life. You make yourself happy. Your soul mate may energize your reasoning for being happy.


Everyone generally appreciates being treated kindly, but not everyone is willing to reciprocate even to those who act with kindness.


When we wake up every morning, everyone has the same opportunity to make the best out of 12 to 16 hours. Some people will make the best out of the day. Some people are thrilled to see another day in their life. Some people jump start the day at full throttle. Some people, even if they are ill or handicapped, still pray for a better day. But, there are others who choose to spend the whole day in bed or on the couch. There are others who spend the whole day crying or lamenting over their past or misfortunes. There are others who spend the day talking about or stabbing those who are trying to make it. And, there are those who spend the whole day with their arms widely open asking God to take care of them, and these people forget that God said He will help you inasmuch as you help yourself. These are the people that nothing fits them. Instead of going running or walking to stay healthy, they complain that it is too cold, too early, or too hot outside. Their
tennis shoes hurt; their knees hurt, etc. These people complain about everything.


Love alone cannot pay the rent, feed the family, provide transportation, pay daycare for the kids, pay hospital bills, and the like. The best and safest route calls for both of you to build your career before starting a family.


The people who love you are not only those who give you a shoulder to cry on, but also those who tell you to make an effort to get out of your sad situation. These are the people who tell you finding a corner to cry for your situation is not an option. These are the people who tell you to quit whining, quit blaming someone else for your misfortune, quit making excuses for yourself and others, quit settling for less than you deserve, and quit being a quitter. Life is exactly what we make it. You need to make things happen and help others succeed if you want to be successful in this life.


Haiti, Wyclef Jean, & the Scavengers


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