The Aulus' Dream Series
The Aulus' Dream Series


Aulus' Dream

"Jacques Guillaume continues where others put down their pens. Cool and relentless, he dissects modern life, weighs individuals' characters, and then puts them back together to a fascinating literary organism. A soulful piece of writing, presented quite unsentimentally."

"Just go online and surf through the maze of or to try to find the Aulus' Dream series by Jacques Guillaume at its right location. I guarantee you will enjoy the reading."

"I'm completely surprised. My family is grateful to you and your caring deeds. We are just being introduced to your academic and creative accomplishment. We wish you all the best." By Ok Sun Burks


There is just one reason | Reader's Choice

Q: But didn't you say you needed a reason to write?
A: That is true, but I feel very comfortable talking about the main reason why I continue writing. I have received positive feedback from the people who read my books from all walks of life. I also put myself on the path to write a book from the Aulus' Dream series at least every other year. It is obvious, like any other projects, I must assure you that writing involves passion, positive attitude, and hard work.

Aulus' Dream

Q: Jacques Guillaume, it seems no matter what you try your hand at is a success. We read your books, shake our head, and would rather return back to our parties, but there is this small part in us that continues to bother us in a wonderful way, just like an olive that has fallen into a cocktail it does not belong in. We are upset all night long. And so finally we start reflecting. This basically describes the Guillaume effect...
A: Thanks. I would call that calculated truth.

Jacques Guillaume, Radio Interview Jacques Guillaume
Radio Interview: Aulus' Dream by Mr. Alex Saint Surin, Radio Mega
Click on the MP3 icon to download and listen to an Interview with Mr. Alec Saint Surin sur la radio Mega, December 2011
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